The Club’s grass and hard courts are ordinarily available except when they are used for any function of the Club or are closed down on account of weather conditions or for repairs or maintenance work.

The hard/grass courts cannot be used for any private functions or parties of any member(s).

In the morning one hard court will be booked for members/spouses playing while the other hard court will be available for dependant members. In any case, member will always get the preference of the use of both the courts.

All dependants (sons, unmarried daughters) upto the age of 32 years will be allowed to use the tennis court in the morning as well in the afternoon. However, members will get the preference at all times.

The members in their tennis attire should enter their names in the Register to be kept with the Tennis Marker, in order of their time of reporting. No member will have two consecutive sets, if other members are waiting, otherwise the sequence of reporting time will be followed.


April to September          6:00 am to 9:00 am & 3:00 pm to dusk

October to March            6.30 am to 9am & 2:00 pm to dusk

Flood-lit court                 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm throughout the year


Members’  spouse may play tennis at the Club at all times that a member himself would     be allowed to play.


Members playing tennis at the Club may bring in accompanying guests to play tennis, as per the Club rules. Members’sons & daughters of over 18 years of age will be treated as guests, if they have not been registered as Senior Dependents as per the Club Rules.

Playing Turns

Except for the flood-lit court where there is a system of prior booking, members/their spouse/dependents inform the marker, as soon as they arrive in their tennis kit at the Club tennis courts and they will regulate the playing turns.  All players must vacate a court upon completing a set and then await their turn to play the next set, provided this is possible in the stipulated hours of play.  In case the score reaches 5 games all in a set, a deciding 11th games will be played on a tie break basis (best of 13 points) to close out the set.


All members/their spouse must before the end of a session of play, sign off in a register kept for the purpose with the marker, indicating clearly their membership number of the Club. Each Senior/Junior Dependent using the Club tennis courts must indicate the name and membership number in the register.


Prior bookings are necessary for using the flood-lit court.  Normally all bookings will be for a period of one hour only.  A register for this purpose is kept with the marker.


Tennis balls will be provided by the Club. New balls will be provided once weekly only on Saturdays.


Tennis shoes are compulsory. Appropriate tennis attire must be worn.


The Club does not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for the safety or for the death, injury or infection of / to members, their wives, dependants or guests, or any consequence thereof, arising from such person using or being present on or in the vicinity of the Club tennis courts or their equipment, fixtures or facilities.

Clothes and any other belongings may be left in the changing room, but this would be entirely at the owners’ risk.  Members are advised that under no circumstances should they leave any money, ornaments or other valuable items there.  If any belongings are left with the Club staff, the responsibility for safe custody is entirely that of the owner.


Any earlier tennis Bye-laws and/or Rules and/or Regulations of the Club are hereby cancelled.

The Club reserves the right to amend these Regulations from time to time, or to cancel and/or replace them wholly or partly.


The attention of members is drawn to article 51 of the Articles of Association of the Club, which is as follows – “for the purpose of Article 49 and 50 and all other Articles or Rules or regulations or Bye-laws of the Club, any breach thereof on the part of the wife or children or any other guests of a member, will be deemed to be a breach on the part of the member concerned.  Similarly any act of misconduct committed by any such person, will be deemed to be an act of misconduct on the part of the member concerned”.