Card games in the Club will be played in Card Room only. Card Room will remain open during normal Club hours from 11.00 am. to 11.00 pm. on all days except Mondays.

For Pandemic Situation it will remain open from 2pm – 9pm only till further Notice.

No Card Room game other than Contract Bridge & Rummy will be played in the Card Room.

Card playing members will enter their names and the name of their guest, if any, at time of entry in the Card Room in the register maintained for the purpose.

Air conditioners will be switched on from :

Tues to Fridays                   :  2.00 pm. to 11.00 pm.

Saturdays, Sundays           : 11.00 am. to 11.00 pm. (If necessary)

Presently it would be on from 2 – 9 pm.

As notified by the Club air conditioners will not be operative during the winter season.

The charge per player for playing cards will be decided by the Committee

Current charges are as follows : (  effective from 1st Oct.2014)

Monthly- Member/Sr.Dependant           :         Rs. 350.00

Daily – Member/Sr.Dependant               :         Rs.   35.00

Card Table Reservation                             :         Rs. 250.00

Guest (Daily)                                               :         Rs.   75.00

Cards (New)                                                 :         Rs.   35.00

Cards (Old)                                                   :         Rs.   15.00

Table Reservation :

Members having at least one guest can book one table.  Not more than two tables may be reserved  at any one time per day.  A member may not reserve a table for more than five (5) times in a month, except by special permission by the Committee, which will be guided by the general interest.

Cards & tokens provided by the Club will only be used.

Members are allowed to bring guests subject to restriction of General Rules of the Club.  Name of guests only must be entered in the register maintained for the purpose by the member at the time of entry in the Card Room.  Guests must be accompanied by sponsoring members at all times from entering the Card Room till leaving the room.  Members should reserve a table for his guests himself and such other members who agree to play with the guest.  No member will be forced to play with the guest of other members.  Should all players present at the table express their desire to play with the guest of another member, then table reservation will not be compulsory but such desire should not be taken for granted.

Members of reciprocal clubs must enter their names in the register  maintained for the purpose at the time of entry and pay the charges by coupons.

Rummy- the game will be played with the tokens provided by the Club only. One table of Rummy should normally accommodate maximum of six players.  The seventh player will be accommodated on dealer out basis till an eighth player is available.  Whenever eight or more players will be available, the tables are to be formed on finishing the deal by re-grouping players.

Contract Bridge will be played.  Contract Bridge for 3 or 2 players will not be played when 4 players are available.

Law of Contract Bridge as approved by the Bridge Federation of India will be observed in the Club.

One round bridge will be over after each round or after 8 deals with fixed vulnerability. In case of one table playing bridge, 3 new players can join the table after completion of one round. In case of two or more tables playing bridge, maximum of 2 waiting players can join each table after completion of round.

In case of any dispute, decision of the Committee will be final.