1. The Billiard Room will remain open from 4.30 pm. to 9.30 pm. (Monday to Friday).  At weekends, i.e. Saturday to Sunday, it will remain open from 10.00 am. to 2.00 pm.  and again from 5.00 pm. to 9.30 pm. 
  2. The timing may be revised as deemed suitable by the Committee.
  3. Of the Billiard Tables, Table no. 3 may only be used by beginners, dependants and ladies for their practice.
  4. Dependants and ladies are allowed to play and practice in the morning sessions on Saturdays and evening sessions on Sundays only.
  5. Dependants below 18 years are not allowed.
  6. A player can book, through the Marker, only one table of his choice, for a maximum period of half an hour only.
  7. No players can book more than ONE TABLE AT A TIME.
  8. No players can book a Table while playing at another Table. However, on finishing his game/allotted time, he can again book a Table, but will have to wait for his turn to play, depending on the number of bookings.
  9. Marker will note the bookings on the Black Board or any other convenient place and no player will be allowed to play out of turn, except with the consent of the player/players who have booked earlier.
  10. The Center Table is reserved for Billiards only and is restricted to players, who are normally capable of scoring at least 75 points in a period of half an hour.
  11. Center Table can be utilized for Snooker, Slosh and other games for tournament, Exhibition Matches, etc, with the consent of the Committee.
  12. Scoring will be done by the Marker and his decision for points fouls, touching ball, etc. will be final.
  13. Billiard and particularly tournament matches being games of concentration, players, visitors and guests are required to maintain silence in the Billiard Room.  Personal request for silence should always be given due respect.  However, special timing upon adjustment with Markers can be arranged by the member for serious practices and games.
  14. All damages to the table and equipment will have to be paid for by the concerned player, the amount of which will be determined by the Committee.
  15. Practice is normally not allowed unless there is no other player waiting to play.  In such cases or for playing with Marker, full table charges will have to be paid by the concerned players.
  16. Table fees will be equally shared by the players unless by mutual consent, loser pays the same.  If four players are playing, the losing team will be charged the full table fees. Members have the option either being charged on monthly basis or following the daily signing system.
  17. Novices/Learners/and ladies are allowed to practice with the Marker on Table No.3 provided the said table is lying vacant.
  18. Cigarettes, tea/coffee/drinks etc. are to be kept on the tables provided, any empty cups, saucers, etc. are to be kept on the table provided for the purpose.
  19. During Tournament, Tournament matches will have preferences and Table has to be vacated, if more than 10 minutes of play is left.
  20. Complaint Book will be kept with the Marker and complaint, if any, should be noted on the same for necessary action for administration by the Committee.
  21. Guests would be permitted to play as per Club Rules, i.e. guest must be accompanied by the member introducing him.
  22. The Committee or person/persons nominated by them will fix handicaps of all the regular players.  Players not agreeable to the handicap fixed will not be permitted to join the game if objection is raised by other participating player/players.
  23. The aforementioned Rules are liable to be changed by the Committee from time to time.