On availability of rooms, booking will be confirmed only against advance payment in full. In case of outstation / NRI members booking forms may be made available by fax & allotment will be confirmed on receipt of Advance Payment only.

Checking in/out time is 12 noon.

Room Tariff :

Member : Rs.2392/- per day (Inclusive of all Taxes)

For Room No. 1: Rs.3064/- per day (Inclusive of all Taxes)

Member’s Guest: Rs.4321/- per day & Rs.590/- as subscription (Inclusive of all Taxes)  &  Rs. 4321/- (Inclusive of all Taxes) from 2nd night onwards

For Room No. 1: Rs.5659/- per day & Rs.590/- as subscription (Inclusive of all Taxes) & Rs. 5659/- (Inclusive of all Taxes) from 2nd night onwards.

Reciprocal Member: Rs.3618/- per day (Inclusive of all Taxes)

For Room No. 1: Rs.4234/- per day (Inclusive of all Taxes)

Club reserves the right to change Tariff and other charges at any point of time which will be applicable to all concern.

Morning tea, breakfast and two bottles of mineral water per head will be served per day on complimentary basis during the stay.

Reciprocal Members are allowed only with their spouses. No guests, family members and/or children of Reciprocal Members are allowed.

Dress Regulation :

Members are required to observe the club’s dress regulations at all times. They are also required to ensure that their spouse, guests, sons/daughters abide by all these regulations too. Members, their spouse, guests, sons and daughters must be dressed in a manner considered appropriate for the club. The committee will announce winter dress regulations for the Dining Room, Room No.7, Men’s Bar, Hall of Fame and Coochbehar Lounge at the appropriate time of the year.

For Gentlemen & Lady members/guests/children, the following are not permitted in the precincts of the Club:


Kurta with Pajama of any kind
Kurta with Trousers of any kind
Shirts with Dhoti
T-Shirts without collar except for tennis
Shorts except for tennis and in Men’s Dressing Room
Jeans/sneakers/sports shoes after 7 pm.
Open chappals except with Dhoti
Shirts without being buttoned up
Cargo Pants
Gym Clothes/Track Tops & Bottoms


Gym Clothes /Track Tops & Bottoms
Sports Shoes after 7 pm.


Services will be available only against Debit/ Smart Card.
Children (below 18 yrs.) are not allowed in the room for accommodation.
Advance payment to be made in full for Residential Accommodation.
The member who has proposed for the guest will be responsible for payment of any dues incase the Guest does not make the payment.
Booking is accepted for a maximum period of 7 (Seven) days only.
Guests need to produce their PHOTO IDENTITY PROOF before checking in, a copy of which will be retained by the Club.