Rules for Banquet & Conference

  1. The Club offers to guarantee the reservation of Banquet only against the
    full advance deposit in cash/by Cheque (Subject to Clearance).
  2. The Club will Levy additional charges per hour beyond use of area for more than specified hours
  3. Advance payment of rent in full to be made during the reservation.
  4. Advance payment of 90% of approx expenditure for food & Beverage to be made at the time of reservation.
  5. Against any cancellation made before 15th days –full refund would be given.
  6. Any cancellation within 15 days-full charges will levied.
  7. Cancellation at last hours will also involve payment of a part of the food cost.
  8. Members booking sports complex, sports complex adjacent area and swimming pool must ensure that their guests enter though Chowringhee Road entrance or Gokhale Road entrance only. Any violation of this will make him liable to disciplinary proceedings.
  9. Members booking venue within Club’s main building, must ensure their Guests to abide by the Club dress regulations, regulation reg. Children, regulation reg. Car parking and all other    applicable Bye-Laws & regulations, of the Club so that no embarrassment is faced.
  10. All bookings are liable to cancellation on account on any Club Function.
  11. If any V.I.P Guest is expected, prior intimation must be given to the Chief Executive.
  12. No loudspeaker/Microphone can be used without express prior written permission of President/ Committee.
  13. No Political Meeting/ Commercial Meeting/Press Conference/Dealer’s Meet/ Seminar/ Conference can be held without express prior written permission of President/ Committee.
  14. No Guest should move around the premises outside the specified area reserved for the party.
  15. No Film show can be held without prior permission of the President/Committee.
  16. No Liquor or Food, except from the Club sources can be served without express prior permission of the President/ Committee.
  17. No Photography allowed outside the area Booked.
  18. a) For any party held by a member anywhere in the Club Premises. If he
    wishes to Engage a Caterer or a Decorator, prior permission is necessary.
  19. b) Such Decorator or Caterer has to be chosen from the panels of Decorators and Caterers maintained by the Club.
  20. c) Such chosen Decorator/Caterer must deposit the maintained levy which they are liable to deposit with the Club. In case of their failure to do so, the member concerned is liable for this payment.
  21. d) All statutory/Government levies that may be levied- to be charged additionally.
  22. The member who books any space for parties shall remain fully responsible for the conduct of the Guests/Visitors/Drivers/Staff etc.
  23. Taxes as applicable.