Further to our earlier email dated 14 April, 2022, Members and Senior Dependants interested to be associated with a Hindi Play, proposed for the first time at Calcutta Club with members’ participation, are requested to register for auditions.The play is now rescheduled to be held around mid August. Interested participants will need to commit 2 hours each for 20 to 25 days’ rehearsals from mid June till the play is staged.There are eleven characters’  requirements as mentioned below.Characters                                AgeBengali Couple                        30 – 40                     Parsi Couple                             55 – 70Bihari Couple                           60 – 80Elderly Muslim Gentleman     70 – 75   3 Punjabi Gentlemen              30 – 451 Punjabi Lady                         40 – 50Interested members need to provide information as per suggested format below at the time of registration.NameAgeMembership NumberIf any prior experience in Theatre / stage, give a brief note.Please register at reception@calcuttaclub.in by Sunday, 12 June, 2022. Audition on Tuesday, 14 June, 2022, 4 pm onwards at our Club.